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Re: (ITS#5134) dbconfig vs. DB_CONFIG

Gavin Henry wrote:
> <quote who="Howard Chu">
>> ghenry@suretecsystems.com wrote:
>>> I would say since dbconfig directives only work on a restart of slapd,
>>> and
>>> that if a DB_CONFIG is present, the DB_CONFIG should *always* take
>>> precedence. If dbconfig changes could make a difference via back-config,
>>> which they can't without a restart, then dbconfig stuff should override
>>> any DB_CONFIG.
>> dbconfig behavior via cn=config is fully dynamic, and thus quite different
>> from
>> slapd.conf. Changes to dbconfig via cn=config take effect immediately and
>> will
>> completely rewrite the DB_CONFIG file.
> Understood, but a restart would still be needed to make the db env honour
> DB_CONFIG, right?

NO. "Fully dynamic" and "take effect immediately" means exactly that. I did not 
say "the file is written immediately but there's no effect until the server is 
restarted." Immediate effect means immediate effect. Do we really have to say 
everything twice or thrice here before people get it?
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