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Re: (ITS#5134) dbconfig vs. DB_CONFIG

> The slapd-bdb(5) man page seems to me unclear with respect to the dbconfig
> directive.  In fact, what I gather from the text is that if no DB_CONFIG
> file
> exists, any dbconfig directive will be used to generate one; otherwise, an
> existing DB_CONFIG file will not be altered.  What is unclear is what
> happens if
> both a DB_CONFIG file and any dbconfig directives exist, and they differ?
> Who
> takes the precedence?  What if any dbconfig directive is not present in
> the
> DB_CONFIG file?

I would say since dbconfig directives only work on a restart of slapd, and
that if a DB_CONFIG is present, the DB_CONFIG should *always* take
precedence. If dbconfig changes could make a difference via back-config,
which they can't without a restart, then dbconfig stuff should override

I hope that makes sense?