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Re: ldap_unbind unhandled SIGPIPE (ITS#5127)

I've seen something similar in recent code.  I was just tracking it
down, so you basically saved me the effort of opening a ticket :).  What
I found so far is that when ldap_unbind(3) is called (which is required
to release resources after the connection broke), the client library
tries to send a LDAPUnbind request to the server, even though it just
got a LDAP_SERVER_DOWN (-1).  The behavior seems to be more frequent
when the connection brakes while using ldapi://, and I couldn't spot the
difference up to now, I'm just mentioning it in case it rings any bells.

I think not trapping SIGPIPE is correct, since this should definitely be
delegated to the application.  But the library itself shouldn't trigger
false SIGPIPEs by trying to use a connection it knows it's broken.

I'll keep digging.  p.

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