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Re: (ITS#5124) segfault on modify operation by slurpd with rwm overlay

jclarke@linagora.com wrote:

> With a simple master/slave setup, and the rwm overlay activated for the bindDN
> context, any modify operation made on the master, replicated with slurpd causes
> the slave to crash.
> You will find below a backtrace of the slave when it crashes, and the
> configuration files we're using on the master, the slave, an LDIF of the
> contents of the directory are in the archive on ftp.openldap.org indicated in
> the ITS.
> We are using 2.3.37 for both master and slave, and have confirmed that
> disactivating the rwm overlay in slapd.conf avoids the problem.

I'll try to look at your report, but let me note that slurpd is
deprecated; since you're running OpenLDAP 2.3.37, you're strongly
recommended to use syncrepl.


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