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Re: (ITS#5123) slaptest is not checking spelling of keyword access

lwartha@gmail.com wrote:

> I made stupid typo and use word acces instead of access in slapd.confl.
> Unforutnately slaptest -u does not display any notice about it and display
> config file testing succeeded.

Because up to 2.3 OpenLDAP didn't care about unrecognized statements. 
If you run staptest with -dconfig you'll notice warnings (if you're 
debugging slapd.conf you should; it is not the default because in most 
cases people are only interested in a yes/no question; ITS#4930 was 
filed to even remove the "success string").

> This of cause takes lot of investigation to find it.
> Thanks for fixing it in the future.

It's been changed in 2.4 ever since.  Now all errors, including 
unrecognized statements, cause a bailout.


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