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Re: (ITS#5114) pcache cache results for searches that hit size/timelimit

ando@sys-net.it wrote:

> Please disregard; there's still a couple of issues that I wasn't aware
> and that need to be dealt with.  Actually, caching those results may
> make further requests that look compatible with this to erroneously use
> that dataset.

The issue here is that a search exceeding sizelimit, if not cached,
would destroy cacheability of all searches contained in it.  Since a
search that could exceed sizelimit is likely to include substrings or
so, things like (mail=*domain.com) exceeding sizelimit would make all
searches for (mail=foo@domain.com) non cacheable.  I fear there's little
to do about this, unless we want to heavily rework query containment
stuff (and I don't feel like, as I'm having hard times in understanding
what that code does).  So I have now a bottomline fix that handles
sizelimit correctly, but makes all cacheable queries contained in the
offending one no longer answerable.


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