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Re: (ITS#5114) pcache cache results for searches that hit size/timelimit

Howard Chu wrote:

>> Right.  Well, I understand if no limit was hit the request would become
>> cacheable.  In this case, the approach you suggest would be fine.
> Of course the result size has to also fit within the cache's configured
> size limit. We may want to add another type of negative caching record
> here for this case "we already know the result set is too large, ignore
> the cache DB"...

I'm getting inclined towards handling this case like a regular search,
only replacing LDAP_SUCCESS with LDAP_SIZELIMIT_EXCEEDED.  In fact, it
would be more appropriate to make this request not cacheable, because
there's no guarantee the server would return the same entries for
repeated searches, but for caching purposes this shouldn't really matter.


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