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Re: slapd makes very strange troubles in VServer

Niki Hammler wrote:
Howard Chu schrieb:
Niki Hammler wrote:
That's enough. The SSL library has obviously failed:
TLS: error:140B512D:SSL routines:SSL_GET_NEW_SESSION:ssl session id
callback failed ssl_sess.c:232
This failure indicates that the SSL library was unable to generate a
session ID for the session. Generating the session ID just requires
generating a single random number (and checking that the number hasn't
been used before). On a freshly started server, this should never fail.

Check the permissions of /dev/random and /dev/urandom on your virtual
server. Make sure they are readable by the openldap user.

No bug here, just a misconfigured system...

Thank you very much! For strange reasons the /dev directory had 700 permissons (I saw that all VServer have these permissions by default).

Thank you for this hint, I never would have guessed this as all the
output did not contain any reference to /dev...

It might be worthwhile to submit a bug report to the OpenSSL folks, asking them to log something useful when they fail to open /dev/random...

Thank you, now everything works fine :-)

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