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Re: (ITS#5077) syncrepl.add_cmp() infinite loop on swapped values

hyc@symas.com wrote:
> Donn Cave wrote:
>> It looks easy enough to me to code up an order independent version that
>> will actually work.  I would initialize adds[] and dels[] with old & new
>> berval pointers, iterate through dels[] and adds[] (nested), and clear
>> both on match.  The code is easier to follow and empirically I see one
>> fewer matches in the cases I tested it on.  But that's just a test of
>> the algorithm - I haven't sorted out what needs to be done at the end of
>> the function where mcur etc. are modified depending on i == j.
> The only way to do this right, without dying on an O(n^2) algorithm, is to sort 
> both arrays first and then walk through them in order as the original code did. 
> If you want to submit such a patch, please do. I don't have a lot of time to 
> focus on this at the moment.

I've committed a patch based somewhat on your suggestion, in the interest of 
expediting a 2.4.5 release. Please test, we need to lock down this code ASAP.

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