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Re: (ITS#5104) OpenLDAP build breaks with SSL

Please keep replies on the list

Richard Beckett wrote:
> Pierangelo, thank you very much for the reply. Can you suggest a
> work-around for the time being? Do I need to edit the Makefile? I have
> not worked at this level for many years and my knowledge of "make" is
> rusty.

Actually, things seem to work just fine.  I erroneously built 
openssl-0.9.8e without shared, and in that case it doesn't work.  I 
suspect your build environment is broken (possibly the way you built 
openssl?).  Please check if it's built correctly; if it is, please 
inspect the config.log resulting from building OpenLDAP to get some hint 
about the reason of the failure.


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