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Re: Calysto v1.5 reports on openldap_v2.4.4alpha

Domagoj Babic wrote:

> Heh, there are no free rides - you would like to get the reports, but
> you are not ready to give anything in return.

I think in return we already give OpenLDAP software.  That should be
enough, IMHO.  If the internet were made by narrow-minded persons like
you (I guess it's not just you, there might be some company's policy
behind), you wouldn't even have been able to contact us by email,
because email wouldn't have existed, not to mention the rest.

> Years of research have been invested in Calysto (and its sub-parts, like
> Spear theorem prover),

Same on OpenLDAP, not to mention the rest.

> running checks takes significant computational
> resources,

Same as above.

> and finally, I spend significant amounts of my own time

Same as above.

> filtering and pre-analyzing the reports for you.
> I asked for only two things: prompt feedback

and you got it.

> and adding logo to the web
> page.

That's not allowed by the foundation's charter.

> That's not _really_ a marketing request. Anyways, doesn't matter,
> there are plenty of other projects out there willing to collaborate.

You started this, no one invited you.  Feel free to leave.

>> I believe he said the project is
>> not interested in receiving plain reports just for the purpose of
>> debugging Calysto
> Quid pro quo. I help you debug your code.

Well, so what would be your interest in our project?  If you offer me
something I guess you do it for some purpose.

> I respect everyone's time and don't want to waste it with piles of false
> positives. The focus of much of research related to Calysto is to make
> it as precise as possible, meaning that there are already few false
> positives, and there will be even fewer in the future.

You see, you need our feedback to debug your product.

Anyway I think with this series of greedy public messages you gave good
advertising to your project.  I wish you tons of customers.


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