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Re: Calysto v1.5 reports on openldap_v2.4.4alpha

Bad example. Try doing that with bind or postfix.
ls really doesn't matter, we can agree on that.

I'm actually more interested in your opinion on the long term collaboration
(bug reports in exchange for feedback and a bit of marketing :-) ).

> viola:~/Desktop> limit vmemoryuse 128
> viola:~/Desktop> ls
> Killed
> viola:~/Desktop> limit vmemoryuse 1024
> viola:~/Desktop> ls
> ls: error while loading shared libraries: libc.so.6: failed to map segment from
> shared object: Cannot allocate memory
> viola:~/Desktop> limit vmemoryuse 2048
> viola:~/Desktop> ls
> Segmentation fault


        Domagoj Babic