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Re: (ITS#4627) back-ldif issues

Howard Chu writes:
>h.b.furuseth@usit.uio.no wrote:
>> Not there yet...  you create it in the current directory instead
>> of in the ldif directory.
>> Possibly it's best to create it in the top directory of the ldif
>> database.  That way, if a temp file is somehow created and not
>> cleaned away, it's (a) in the easiest place to see and (b) won't
>> prevent rmdir() if one tries to delete that database or whatever.
> I would use "rm -rf" to delete the DB, in which case (b) is a moot point.

Sorry, I meant if one uses LDAP operations to delete a non-leaf entry.
(I was thinking of a "cn=config/olcDatabase=.../" subtree.)

>>> (...)
>>>> .inum should be signed, or should be read with strtoul instead of
>>>> strtol.
>>> strtoul(3) used
> I think strtoul() here is a mistake, and we've fixed/refixed this point a
> couple times already. Remember that frontendDB has an index of {-1} in the
> config tree.

Time to re-fix again and add a comment about that this time...
Hm.  It is read with strto(u)l but is int and not long.  Maybe that's
what I was talking about with what its type should be.