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Re: (ITS#5090) Error with attribute "jpegPhoto"

marg@rz.tu-clausthal.de wrote:

>> i use this line (on my ldif file) to add a picture on my LDAP directory:
>> jpegPhoto: < file///etc/ldap/pictures/test.jpg
> Are you sure that you aren't missing a colon (':')? According to the
> manpage of ldapadd the line should look like this:
> jpegPhoto: < file:///etc/ldap/pictures/test.jpg

Moreover, this bug appears to have already been fixed.  It is
recommended to check the latest version before reporting bugs.

> Oh, and that special syntax is a function of ldapadd/ldapmodify, not
> some standard way of importing images - so using it with slapadd won't work.

well, that's a SHOULD in RFC2849, so it is indeed a standard way of
importing values (works with any value) using LDIF.  The fact it doesn't
work with slapadd should be seen as a limitation of that tool, which it
is not intended for use with arbitrary LDIF but rather with LDIF
produced by slapcat.


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