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Re: (ITS#5051) Translucent overlay and back-monitor

Gavin Henry wrote:

> OK, thanks. Do you have any reference for custom monitoring examples?

Not sure what you mean.  By "custom monitoring" I mean that pieces of
code may register callbacks in back-monitor to enrich the monitor
entries with dynamically generated data.  Right now, the only code that
exploits this functionality is back-bdb/back-hdb, but it's something we
use intensively for custom modules we develop (the monitor database can
be proficiently used as an interface for non-persistent interaction with
the DSA).

With reference to code, see servers/slapd/back-bdb/monitor.c (the API is
implemented in servers/slapd-back-monitor/init.c).

What back-bdb/hdb publishes by means of this API is not documented,
AFAIK; it might be worth mentioning somewhere in the docs, as this
monitoring could be quite useful for tuning.  Nothing that cannot be
accessed thru db_stat, the advantage is access via LDAP protocol.

A recent addition was the capability to monitor what unindexed
attributes were used in searches.


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