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Re: (ITS#5073) Syncrepl spinlock

> Okay, I figured it out -- This is definitely a misconfiguration type
> scenario...
> The database is something like:
> database bdb
> base "dc=example,dc=com"
> ...
> Then the syncrepl config has:
>     searchbase=""
> I'm not sure this is something that should be allowed -- where the search
> base is broader than the database.

I'm not sure either, but in any case this is triggering a bug: an internal
search is performed with base "" and scope "sub"; even though the database
is configured to serve "dc=example,dc=com", it answers "success" with no
data, since it erroneously treats itself as if handling the empty suffix. 
I think the bug here is that an internal search should never be invoked
without making sure whether the base is within the naming context of the
database.  If the above configuration does not make sense, the check can
be done at configuration; otherwise, it needs to be dealt with from within
syncrepl_entry().  I vote for the first.


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