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Re: (ITS#5074) slapo-pcache's proxyattrset does not recognize "1.1" to describe an empty attribute set

zep-openldap-software@ni.enate.org wrote:

> For an application which specifies LDAP_NO_ATTRS to the attributes parameter of
> ldap_search_st(), it seems not possible to cache its results using
> slapo-pcache.
> It would be great to be able to define within "overlay pcache", something like:
> proxyattrset 0 (1.1)
> or, simply
> proxyattrset 0
> Which would match queries which provide LDAP_NO_ATTRS.  This would allow the
> ability to cache responses for routines which are interested only in the
> presence of a result set, but not in the contents of that set, without the
> additional overhead of trasnferring the result.

I believe there's something odd in pcache's current behavior.  In fact, 
right now "proxyattrset 0" is already a valid directive, but it implies 
"proxyattrset 0 *", which means all attributes.  Unfortunately, this 
seems to only work if no attribute is requested, while it fails if a "*" 
is explicitly requested.

I've modified the propxycache code in HEAD so that a "1.1" can only 
explicitly appear in a list if it's the only string.  An empty attribute 
set is no longer valid, to avoid confusion about the meaning of 
non-explicit attribute sets.  A "*" or a "+" can explicitly appear in a 
proxyattrset statement, resulting in the expected behavior.  Use both to 
indicate that all attributes are in the set.

Please test.


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