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(ITS#5074) slapo-pcache's proxyattrset does not recognize "1.1" to describe an empty attribute set

Full_Name: Mike Malsman
Version: 2.3.33
OS: FreeBSD 6
Submission from: (NULL) (

For an application which specifies LDAP_NO_ATTRS to the attributes parameter of
ldap_search_st(), it seems not possible to cache its results using

It would be great to be able to define within "overlay pcache", something like:

proxyattrset 0 (1.1)

or, simply

proxyattrset 0

Which would match queries which provide LDAP_NO_ATTRS.  This would allow the
ability to cache responses for routines which are interested only in the
presence of a result set, but not in the contents of that set, without the
additional overhead of trasnferring the result.