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Re: (ITS#5070) Issues in X.509 certificate parsing

ando@sys-net.it wrote:

> I've an issue with X.509 certificate parsing in HEAD/re24.  The certificate,
> according to OpenSSL, has a SerialNumber c8:5b:9a:dd:ea:bf:f9:fa and HEAD fails
> to parse it because it is an integer with length equal to 9, which is larger
> than sizeof(ber_int_t), as tested in ber_getnint() at decode.c:254.  The DER
> encoded value is:   2   9   0 200  91 154 221 234 191 249 250.  Seems to be time
> to get past the sizeof(ber_int_t) limitation...

... which would violate RFC 4511 where it states that INTEGER means from
0 up to 2^31-1...  I have a simple solution for this problem, at the
cost of partially violating rfc 4523: if an integer is larger than
2^31-1, it could be represented in the certificateExactMatch
normalization in hexadecimal form, much like OpenSSL does.  This would
increase interoperability with OpenSSL and be at least self-consistent,
since all serialNumbers that large would be consistently expanded that
way.  Another solution, preserving the decimal representation, would
probably require some arbitrary precision support from external
libraries.  If there's consensus, I'd post my simple patch.


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