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Re: (ITS#5064) Issues with openldap 2.2 (Error 34 Invalid DN syntax )

On Friday 27 July 2007 17:19:26 pbrinette@cc.in2p3.fr wrote:
>  > 1) both 2.0 and 2.2 are ancient.  OpenLDAP 2.3 is mature, and 2.4 is
>  > about to exit beta stage.  Unless the problem is related to a real
>  > software bug, and it persists either in HEAD/2.4 or in 2.3 code, this
>  > ITS will be closed.
> Currently, I've no mean to use an openldap 2.3 unless exists an RPM
> update package for RHEL 4 (or CentOS).

There is no update from RHEL or CentOS, but there are these (mine):


Since you can install them in parallel, the upgrade path is quite easy ... 
(slapcat|slapadd2.3 after configuration).

There is also: