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Re: (ITS#5064) Issues with openldap 2.2 (Error 34 Invalid DN syntax )

Pierre-Emmanuel Brinette wrote:
>  > 1) both 2.0 and 2.2 are ancient.  OpenLDAP 2.3 is mature, and 2.4 is
>  > about to exit beta stage.  Unless the problem is related to a real
>  > software bug, and it persists either in HEAD/2.4 or in 2.3 code, this
>  > ITS will be closed.
> Currently, I've no mean to use an openldap 2.3 unless exists an RPM 
> update package for RHEL 4 (or CentOS).
> But the problem is that the request like 
> "attribute=a_string=another_string,..." worked fine with openldap 2.0 
> but not with openldap 2.2.

I'm not sure I made the point: both 2.0 and 2.2 are ancient.

The fact that something worked with 2.0 doesn't prove anything, as that 
software was very poor in validating things, and very forgiving with 
respect to syntax and specs compliance errors (which I value as a 
defect, while others might see it as a "feature").

The fact that something does no longer work with 2.2 while it worked 
with 2.0 is a pity, but it doesn't mean anything as well.  Either (a) 
2.0 was wrong, and 2.2 correctly detects an error, or (b) 2.0 was right, 
and 2.2 introduced a bug, or (c) both were plainly wrong.  In any case 
2.2 is historical and no longer supported, so in cases (b) and (c) no 
one on the OpenLDAP side is going to fix 2.2.  You could try asking the 
distributor of the packages you're using (YMMV).

What would make things totally different is the persistence of a problem 
in 2.3 and 2.4.  But the very existence of a problem has to be proven 
yet.  If you look at my analysis with dntest, you'll see that your DN


is split in

          ldap_rdn2str() =
          ldap_rdn2str() =
          ldap_rdn2str() = "mds-vo-name=UPorto"
          ldap_rdn2str() = "mds-vo-name=local"
          ldap_rdn2str() = "o=grid"

Is this what you'd expect?  Note that in GlueVOViewLocalID embedded '=' 
are expanded as '\3D'.  If any of the commas/equals in the DN are 
actually parts of the IA5 string, you'll need to escape them to have 
them parsed as expected.


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