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Re: (ITS#5040) modifyTimestamp being updated on login (bind) failure

hyc@symas.com wrote:
> Dan Cushing wrote:
>> I'd defer to those with more expertise, but my vote is to avoid changing 
>> the modifyTimestamp attribute.  That attribute should be updated only 
>> when an ldapmodify operation is performed.
>> I'm not familiar with the specifications, and perhaps this isn't 
>> addressed there.  My intuition suggests that it shouldn't be modified by 
>> operations that are not directly under the control of the user or 
>> administrator.
> Already fixed in CVS HEAD and RE23, please test.

I'll note that this change will prevent these operational attributes from being 
replicated in many cases. Of course, given that the replication behavior of 
these attributes is currently undefined, it may not be a problem right now. 
Down the road, I don't know.
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