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Re: (ITS#5054) AVA in slapd-meta(5) and slapo-rwm(5)

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> ando@sys-net.it wrote:
>> ghenry@suretecsystems.com wrote:
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>>>> ghenry@OpenLDAP.org wrote:
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>>>>> Submitted by: ghenry
>>>>> Dear All,
>>>>> It's not clear or explained what AVA means in slapd-meta(5) and
>>>>> slapo-rwm(5)
>>>> Standard terminology in X.500/LDAP. "Attribute Value Assertion"
>>>>> A user was asking in #ldap
>>>>> I presume it means "Attribute Value"?
>>>>> If so, I will add an explaination in each man page.
>>>> OpenLDAP docs are not intended to explain the basics of LDAP. You're
>>>> expected
>>>> to already know LDAP or refer to the RFCs for basic terminology.
>>> Closing ITS.
>> In any case, expanding acronyms when first used sounds "polite"; any
>> further reference to the most appropriate RFC should allow newbie
>> readers to learn more.
> Perhaps, in the Admin Guide.

We have it in preamble.sdf already, so I think this is covered.

> But in the man page? Where do you draw the line?
> Do we have to start every man page with e.g. "the meta backend to slapd
> (the
> Standalone LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) Daemon) performs
> basic
> LDAP proxying..." ?
> In this case, what good would it do? Would someone who hasn't read any
> RFCs
> know what "Attribute Value Assertion" means? Anyone who doesn't understand
> the
> X.500 information model has no business administering slapd. They need to
> absorb that basic groundwork first, and IMO manpages are not the mechanism
> for
> teaching that.
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