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Re: Can't delete user using DN (Error 32) or add user using DN (Error 68)

On Thu, 2007-07-12 at 08:19 +0200, Buchan Milne wrote:
> > > slapcat, slapadd. But, then you may as well upgrade to 2.3, and get new
> > > features too (such as smbk5pwd overlay which may help you with password
> > > synchronisation etc.).
> >
> > slapadd seemed to work with my entrymods files.
> THe slapadd command is for the output from the slapcat command. Exporting and 
> importing should ensure that your database is at least consistent.
> I was not suggesting to use slapadd to make modifications to the database 
> (after import).

I understood what you are suggesting, and when I have time to take down
LDAP for an extended period of time, I will use the slapcat LDIF to

> > I didn't know that 
> > slapadd didn't pay attention to a lot of the things that ldapadd does.
> > When doing an ldapsearch now, I see the user.
> Maybe you should read the man pages for the commands before you use them, so 
> you are at least aware of what they do.

Yeah, I ended up reading it after receving your message yesterday so I
was sure I knew how it worked and what it did.

> > However, doing a getent 
> > passwd does not show the user as it used to, but this could be an issue
> > needing a Samba restart.
> No, samba doesn't need a restart, but if you are using nscd, it may need a 
> restart (or an 'nscd -i passwd;nscd -i group', or both).

Thanks for that.  Much appreciated.

> Regards,
> Buchan