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Re: (ITS#5032) cannot build on x86_64, needs newer libtool

Buchan Milne writes:
>> libtool translates -ldb-4.3 to /usr/lib/libdb-4.3.so, which breaks.
>> "cc -ldb-4.3" uses /lib64/libdb-4.3.so.
> Only if the 32bit package is installed (which unfortunately happens by
> default e.g. with 'yum install db4-devel' you get both i386 and
> x86_64).

OK.  A libtool bug triggered by a RedHat irritant (but still non-bug).

> On RHEL5:
> # rpm -e db4-devel-4.3.29-9.fc6.i386
> works around this.

Thanks.  The system folks here say we need some of the 32-bit stuff,

I wrote:
> Is OpenLDAP using a patched libtool?  One of the differences is that
> ltmain.sh contains VERSION=1.5.22-OpenLDAP, while I get VERSION=1.5.22.

Er, yes, it seems so.  I was even one of the sinners, though those
patches are gone now.  It doesn't mention that it is a generated file.