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Re: Tranlucent Overlay (ITS#4889)

<quote who="Hallvard B Furuseth">
> Gavin Henry writes:
>><quote who="Pierangelo Masarati">
>>> In re23 slapo-rwm should not be used in conjunction with other
>>> overlays; there is a number of reports about interoperability issues,
>>> (...)
>> That's strange though, as I merely followed the slapd-ldap(5) man page:
>> (...)
>> Maybe a man page patch is needed to stop others hitting this.
> I'll insert "OpenLDAP 2.3, rwm should not be used in conjunction with
> other overlays." in slapo-rwm(5), slapd-ldap(5) and slapd-relay(5)
> unless someone has a better idea.
> Or since Pierangelo followed up with
>   "it interacts poorly with other, more recent overlays."

If you stop ^^ here, then you might as well use your first sentence.

> should it be "...unless you know what you are doing" in the backend docs
> and a more detailed instruction in slapo-rwm(5)?

Depends on the time you have I suppose.

I presume this isn't the case in 2.4?

If so, maybe we should use your first sentence and refer them to 2.4?

> --
> Regards,
> Hallvard