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Re: (ITS#5028) incomplete slapcat docs

hyc@symas.com writes:
> steve@stevenwills.com wrote:
>> The slapcat man page says in the Limitations section:
>>        In general, your slapd(8) should not be running (at least, not in
>> read-write mode) when you do this to ensure consistency of the database.
>> (...)
> Given that back-ldbm has been deleted for 2.4, I guess we can just
> delete this sentence.

It could produce garbage data with back-ldif, and with some foreign
database module.  I think it should say it's safe with bdb (and null).
Could copy it to the slapd-bdb(5) too.  (I don't suggest to make
slapcat(8) refer the user to that, since there is only one example