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Re: (ITS#5016) slapd generates unjustified error 3 (Time Limit Exceeded) at checkpoint time

pierangelo.masarati@sys-net.it wrote :

> Would it be possible to get, from the consumer's log, what was the
> actually requested time limit in those cases?  This means: track down
> what connection/operation was concluded by a "Time Limit Exceeded"
> response; then find out the corresponding request, and see what was the
> requested time limit.  You need "args" debug level for this purpose, and
> you need to look at the second of the three numbers that end the SRCH
> line in the logs; for example:

Hi Pierangelo;
The problem came from my LDAP client which specified timelimit=1.
I repaired the client and everything works fine since several hours :-)
Thanks for your help and sorry for wasting your time.

For me the ITS is to be closed (the error "Time Limit Exceeded" produced for
syncrepl connection every 3600 seconds does not bother me).

Best regards