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Re: (ITS#5014) syncrepl failure syslog

donn@u.washington.edu wrote:

> Hard to tell why syncrepl isn't working, if it discards error messages. 

This patch was not submitted according to the guidelines of usual
contributions, which makes it hard to apply.  In any case, it appears to
be incorrect, since the response code should not be extracted that
early, namely before getting the message type.  AFAIK, only an
LDAP_RES_SEARCH_RESULT could contain an error, and that value is already
parsed out and stored in "err".  What's missing is a log in case "err"
indicates an error.  So what's really relevant in your patch, and
missing from the code, is a test for "err" after the "done" label.  I
have applied something along those lines to the code.  Please test.


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