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Re: (ITS#5016) slapd generates unjustified error 3 (Time Limit Exceeded) at checkpoint time

ali.pouya@free.fr wrote:

> What bothers me is that the regular client requests to the consumer receive
> (scarcely and randomly) "Time Limit Exceeded" at checkpoint time.

Would it be possible to get, from the consumer's log, what was the
actually requested time limit in those cases?  This means: track down
what connection/operation was concluded by a "Time Limit Exceeded"
response; then find out the corresponding request, and see what was the
requested time limit.  You need "args" debug level for this purpose, and
you need to look at the second of the three numbers that end the SRCH
line in the logs; for example:

SRCH "dc=example,dc=com" 2 0    20 5 0
    filter: (uid=foobar)
    attrs: 1.1

means: search "dc=example,dc=com" with scope subtree (2) and never deref
aliases (0), using a size limit of 20, a timelimit of 5 and no attrsonly


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