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RE: Native Win32 build with WGCC/Interix (ITS#4825)


First thanks for reviewing the patch!

Howard Chu <mailto:openldap-its@OpenLDAP.org> wrote:
> I have not tested this patch, but it does not appear to be correct.
> In ldap_cdefs.h, you should not be testing the PIC macro since that
> controls whether the current source file is being built as
> position-independent. The macro you actually need to test is
> LDAP_LIBS_DYNAMIC, just as the regular WIN32 case tests. Note that
> the current macros work fine for both MSVC and MinGW/gcc; I don't see
> why you've chosen to change the LBER_F definitions for your wgcc. 

Uh.. I'd have to look into that again ;o) Still this works fine since
some time now, and the libraries are under heavy usage at our company...

> Likewise, your hack to portable.hin should not be necessary, as all
> of the places that use sockets or timevals already include the
> appropriate header files.

Again, i'd have to look at this again...

> The patch to ure.h seems unnecessary, since the file exists at both
> locations (the original, and via symlink).

Smylinks are not supported when windows building on interix ;o// This
caused some troubles as far as i remember.

> Finally, unless you're using a flag to force all symbols to be
> exported, I think omitting slapd.exp in the slapd/Makefile.in is a
> mistake. 

WGCC automatically exports/imports correctly.

> Really, the comments in ldap_cdefs.h are pretty explicit about why
> each piece of the current Windows support is as it is. Your patch
> seems to preclude some of the combinations of DLL/static linking that
> we went to great pains to support. 

WGCC claims to support (with this patch) *all* possible static/shared
combinations (without pain ;o)). WGCC generates code to support static
libraries, even if it was compiled like a shared library (with
__declspec(dllimport)'s, etc.), so most of the painfull stuff is not
needed. On the other hand to support *all* configurations, one needs to
allway dllimport, so both shared and static work ...

> For the include/Makefile.in it would probably have made more sense to
> define a WINPATH macro to either "cygpath -w" or "unixpath2win" and
> use that, rather than repeating all of the SED invocations.

Yes, it would have been better, but it's a long time since i wrote the
patch, and now i'd propably do more things differently ;o)

> These days I wonder whether it wouldn't be smarter to just remove all
> of the special casing for braindead backslash directory separators.
> Since Windows now supports forward slashes everywhere, it would make
> life easier to just use forward slashes consistently throughout.

Would be cool, but still path handling functions from windows return
paths with backslashes, so those would need to be handled too..

Cheers, Markus

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