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Re: (ITS#5003) issue about upper_needs_cast

caojunliang@huawei.com wrote:

> when I set the option upper_needs_cast as Yes.It only takes effect on id_query
> when adding an entry,but does not take effect on child id query when deleting an
> entry.
> I found that in the src file back-sql/init.c
> line 374 --379
> there are not operation about upper cast.
> I want to know if what I think is right.

Not clear what's your point.  "upper_needs_cast" is a hack to work
around the fact that some RDBMSes need an explicit cast before passing a
literal into whatever "uppercase" function they provide.

Can you point out what's the problem and what's the expected behavior?
I don't see any literal passed to the query that looks up the parent's
and that needs any special treatment.

A log of the offending operation, and an example of what you'd consider
correct, would help.


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