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Re: (ITS#4965) slapd stops if access to cn=monitor is restricted

ando@sys-net.it wrote:

> The difference is that if the monitor database comes first, it's already 
> open when the bdb tries to register its custom monitor stuff.  So it can 
> barf out when the addition fails because of no enough permissions.
> If it comes later, back-bdb's custom monitor stuff ends up in the limbo, 
> which is then flushed when the monitor database starts up.  At this 
> point, a failure in flushing the limbo is not considered critical.
> I see two/three solutions:
> 1) allow databases to fail monitor info registration without aborting
> 2) make startup fail also when limbo flushing fails
> 3) let the monitor database have a default rootdn.
> I'm not oriented towards any of the above, yet.

I think the point is: if one explicitly requests monitoring support (by
default on) in back-bdb, then it must either succeed or slapd should not

If one does not explicitly request it, giving up monitoring with a
warning should be fine.

This is complicated by the need to support run-time configuration: in
fact, if monitoring is explicitly requested but it cannot be registered,
the creation of that database should fail, but the daemon should not stop.


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