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Re: (ITS#4989) Quirk in Dynlist overlay configuration

I think you need to realize that dynlist (and dynamic groups in general)
represent an abuse of the LDAP data model.  You pointed out a
misalignment between documentation and code, which was the result of a
continuous evolution of both in an attempt to make dynlist as general as
possible while letting it keep contradictory configurations under
control.  The checks currently implemented resulted too strict, so I
relaxed them.  Maybe they are now too relaxed (you just get a warning if
you do something odd, but then the oddest thing you could do would
result at most in slowing down the DSA you admin).  Please check if the
current code satisfies your requirements so that the change can be
released ASAP.  Don't expect dynlist to do all you want it to do, and
exactly as you want it, because it needs to satisfy other requirements
as well.  If you want to design specs for dynamic groups, or dynamic
lists, maybe an ITS is not the right forum.


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