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Re: (ITS#4971)

jemeterisan@mail.ru wrote:

> O.k, thanks. But, I would like to know, what does the termin "HEAD
> code" mean?

the HEAD branch out of the CVS.

> And where can I get it?


>> Any blob-like format would be fine (although I haven't tested it
>> with PostgreSQL yet).
> So, do You mean BLOB-like format as oid (in PostgreSQL), or just
> something like varbit type?

I'm not that familiar with variable size binary data in PostgreSQL, but
I guess something like "bytea" should work.  With MySQL, "LONGBLOB" worked.

> I tried to put BLOBs in PostgreSQL by
> ldapadd - it's possible.

Usually, you need to encode those objects in a way ldapadd can munch.
For example, base64 encode them, like

binaryAttr:: thisisabase64encodedvalue=

or ask it to swallow the file as is, using

binaryAttr:< file:///path/to/binary.dat

> But I had some problems when I tried to read
> from oid. I just had got the value of oid, but not stored data.

Not sure I understand what you mean.  But here we're getting off-topic
with this ITS; please continue discussion, if needed, on the
openldap-software mailing list.


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