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Re: (ITS#4958) slapd segfaults when overlay rwm, suffixmassage is used in conjunction with empty suffix

nvoutsin@noc.uoa.gr wrote:
> While slapd does not segfault anymore, slapd insists to concatenate 
> unrelated database suffixes during search operations that look for attrs 
> such as hasSubordinates.
> I mention this here because it seems to be related somehow

As I could see it working as expected (by me, at least), I suggest you
cook a very simple example, consisting in two slapd.conf (one for the
remote server, and one for the offending mixed local-proxy-relay setup),
and as many data in LDIF format and submit it, so that you can show what
you consider an incorrect behavior.  Otherwise, I don't see any further
indication of a bug.


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