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Re: (ITS#4937) chain overlay bugs with Statslog & ldbm/ldif databases

hyc@symas.com writes:
> This seems to be a known limitation, see the FIXME in slapd/compare.c,
> near SLAP_COMPARE_IN_FRONTEND.  At least, that explains the problem
> for back-ldif, which does not provide its own compare entry point.

Looks like a bug to me, and that the correct fix is be to delete
that code and let the current back-ldif return an error.

Maybe it could be split out to a separate function which backends can
set be_compare to if they have a be_attribute(), or something like that?

> As for back-ldbm, there is a missing referral_rewrite call in
> back-ldbm/referral.c. I don't consider it worthwhile to fix back-ldbm,
> but you're welcome to fix it if you wish.

I might, though actually I'm more concerned with failed tests than
fixing ldbm at the moment:-)  Will look later.  However:

> Just have a look at back-bdb/referral.c for the correct code.

There is no correct code as yet, note the bogus logging I mentioned.