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Re: (ITS#4924) assertion failure during test039-glue-ldap-concurrency

Ralf Haferkamp wrote:

> It's not back-ldap that's trying to chase referrals here. It's slapd-search 
> (from the tester binaries), but if I see it corretcly that has referral 
> chasing turned of as well. At least it is not started with the -C option, 
> which should enable referral chasing. That's indeed puzzling.

OK, I completely screwed the thing.  slapd-search doesn't do anything
about referrals, so it sticks with the default of libldap (on); also, it
seems to have no -C flag.  I'll fix this in a moment.  This leaves the
open point of ldap_result() returning what appears to be LDAP_REQ_BIND
instead of a LDAP_RES_* in response to ... LDAP_REQ_BIND itself.  Still


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