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Re: (ITS#4922) test_filter problem on uid filter

juritanganelli@gmail.com wrote:

> I have developed a custom backend that uses the test_filter function to
> determine
> if an entry is matching a given input filter. Filter on any of the entry
> attribute but Uid works fine. When i specify i filter on the uid attribute i get
> very strange results for example:
> - when i use the complete value of the attribute such as uid=e497004 no result
> is returned, but there is an entry with that value.
> - when i use some regular expressions the result is correclty such as uid=e* the
> corresponding entry is correctly returned.

Unless you can show evidence that the problem is within test_filter(),
which is known to work as expected, custom code issues cannot be
considered OpenLDAP issues.  You don't provide enough information to
prove the above, so this ITS will be suspended waiting for further
information.  For example, did you check that the entry with uid=e497004
was actually candidate and thus subjected to test_filter()?


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