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Re: (ITS#4903) dynlist issues with memory allocation

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:

> Ah, I see... So its not just global/db.
> So all overlay bits should be listed last?  And I assume this only
> happens when you have more than one overlay in use?  Because it only
> happens once both valsort and dynlist are enabled.

Well, the issue is subtle.  You risk inconsistency whenever an overlay
supports back-config __and__ the out-of-order directive uses some
special back-config feature, like the possibility to directly write a
value to the database/overlay structure.  The way back-config
statement/data structure resolution is designed in re23, the
out-of-order directive will use the wrong data structure, thus resulting
at least in breaking the configuration but, in some cases, in breaking
the consistency of the process, by randomly writing, for example, on the
stack or on the heap.  This should be now fixed in HEAD, but the fix was
not so easy to backport because back-config significantly changed in the
meanwhile.  So, since usually there is no need to write out-of-order
statements (back-meta could be an exception, but fortunately enough it
doesn't support back-config yet :), there is no pressure for fixing this
issue in re23.


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