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Re: Tranlucent Overlay (ITS#4889)

Gavin Henry wrote:
> <quote who="Howard Chu">
>> Gavin Henry wrote:
>>> <quote who="hyc@symas.com">
>>>> Curious that your opening log says "No dynamic config support for
>>>> database bdb." Are you sure you have a clean install here?
>>> I thought that was weird to. This was setup on my laptop, no OpenLDAP
>>> from
>>> rpm or source ever installed. Fresh 2.3.34 and db-4.2.52 (5 patches).
>> Yeah, false alarm. The presence of the rwm overlay taints the entire
>> stack.
> Isn't this because translucent doesn't support dynamic config, so disables
> bdb dynamic config?
> Everything is now working, with no crashes without rwm.
> I've not had chance to test HEAD yet.

Translucent does support dynamic config, but rwm doesn't.

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