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Re: example: OpenLDAP with SASL/DIGEST-MD5 authentication (ITS#4867)

Piotr.Golonka@cern.ch wrote:

> Indeed, 2.2.13 may be historical,

It is.  It's not an opinion, but a fact.  Even 2.2.30, the latest 2.2
release, is historical.

> yet this is the version used in large 
> production systems (e.g. RedHat Enterprise Linux).

I believe the problem is not ours.  I think we did our best by pushing
out 2.2 up to 2.2.30, then 2.3 up to 2.3.34, and now 2.4.  If
distributions don't catch up I don't think anyone can blame OpenLDAP
(and I don't think you are; I'm just trying to make the point).

> I'll try to have a look at what's in 2.4.

I hope I get my point: every contribution is welcome, but not every
contribution may be useful.  Writing howtos for code that was released
ages ago, and is not maintained may be considered little useful.  This
is an opinion, of course.


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