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Re: ITS#4853

Richard Bos wrote:
> Hello Pierangelo,
> Op dinsdag 27 februari 2007 22:27, schreef u:
>> Fixed in re23; please test.
>> I note that the name of the macro may have tricked you; Debug() is
>> actually the logging system of OpenLDAP software, not a mere debug
>> statement.
> I assume I may not update the ticket,

You should never __assume__, when the system is self-documented:

> Replies and Followups
> ---------------------
> A reply is a message that has been sent from JitterBug to answer an
> incoming message.
> A followup is a reply to a reply. Followups are created when a user
> sends a email reply to a JitterBug generated message. Followups are
> detected by looking for the PR# automatically added to the subject
> line in replies.

> hence this email to you:
> What do you mean with fixed in "re23".

The code has been fixed in the release engineering branch of 2.3 code,
and will thus appear in the next release.

>  Which release is that exactly?

Likely, 2.3.35, if any.

> What does the change involve? 

Look at the code from the CVS.

> Is the message now sent to a log file?
> < Debug(LDAP_DEBUG_ANY, "%s: line %d: new attribute <%s>\n",                           
>> Debug(LDAP_DEBUG_CONFIG, "%s: line %d: new attribute <%s>\n",

It's sent wherever configured, like it was before (see slapd(8) and
slapd.conf(5) for details about logging).  The difference is that
earlier that message was being always issued, while now it's only issued
if expressly requested, since it's just informative and not indicative
of any bug.

The macros seem pretty self-esplicative.  I hope that bug didn't cause
any harm to your system, though.


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