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Re: (ITS#4845) Back-perl is non working

>> If the above is the way your LDIF is formatted, then back-perl
>> (actually, str2entry, a helper function in the core of slapd) is
>> working
>> as intended.  There's supposed to be no space between attribute
>> names or
>> "dn" and the colon ":".  Please fix you PERL and report.
> I did several tests :

one too less, I fear.

> - No space between attribute and data :

> Still getting no results.
> But there is an interressing error : "ldif_parse_line: missing ':'
> after"
> So it seems that "old way" I used in OpenLDAP 2.2.xx branch doesn't
> seems to be bad.


> Note that this "simpified" back-perl backend what working very well
> on OpenLDAP 2.2.xx branch... And the documentation doesn't seems to
> show some big changes in this part...

The question is: have you ever read RFC2849 (LDIF specs)?  I know the
answer: NO.  The point is: you're developing code (back-perl scripting is
considered code development) and you don't even care to find out what the
specs say for a minimal detail like code interoperability!  Have you even
looked at an LDIF example?  How can you pretend to guess, by trial and
error, when your LDIF formatting will be finally accepted by a (decent)
LDIF parser?  The syntax (made easy) is clear:

<attribute name> (no space) : (space) <value>

that's it.  Apparently you tried all combinations __except__ the one that
works, but looking, e.g., to the output of ldapsearch would have put you
in the right direction even without reading RFC 2849.

Unless you can prove that back-perl LDIF parser doesn't work with decently
formatted LDIF, I'll consider this ITS closed.


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