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Re: (ITS#4849) LDAP URL not recognized with bind9

cyril wrote:

> The message is located in     
> isc_result_t dlz_ldap_checkURL(char *URL, int attrCnt, const char *msg)
> located in file bin/named/dlz_ldap_driver.c provided by
> ctrix_dlz_9.3.3.patch

OK.  In your initial posting you claimed to be using bind 9.3.4, I
assume you patched 9.3.4 with 9.3.3 patch.  Anyway, in that patch I
still don't see the message you reported; did you copy it verbatim, or
did you elaborate it?.  Anyway, that patch looks definitely similar to
the analogous code in bind 9.4.0.  That code seems to make use of LDAP
URLs only as a means to define a LDAP search in compact form; but URLs
have a specific syntax with restrictions, as indicated in RFC4516 and
RFC3986; pretending to parse them with standards compliant library
functions while they don't comply with their definition sounds a bit

In any case, it's astonishing that the URL syntax is used along with a
marker for macro replacement that's the most reserved char in URLs.
Sounds like someone chose the largest available gun to shoot in his own


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