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Re: (ITS#4844) Missing 2.4 man pages and things marked as "Experimental"

ghenry@suretecsystems.com wrote:
> <quote who="ando@sys-net.it">
>> ghenry@suretecsystems.com wrote:
>>> Just a quick to note that there are some overlays missing from
>>> slapd.overlays.5
>>> in 2.4.4alpha and actual man pages.
>> Please enumerate them; some are intentionally not present because they
>> are not intended for real use.
> * dyngroup has no man page, but is listed slapd.overlays.5
> * slapo-valsort.5 isn't in slapd.overlays.5
> * slapo-dds.5 isn't listed in slapd.overlays.5
> * constraint.c has no docs or listed in slapd.overlays.5

slapo-constraint.5 was added to CVS April 29 2006.

> * seqmod.c has no docs or listed in slapd.overlays.5

This is a demo overlay, not intended for actual use.

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