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Potential bug (schema or ldap add?)

I'm not too sure of the details yet, I wanted to check with this list
first, but here's the story.

In general, I'm using phpLDAPadmin to work with the ldap directory.

I added the iaaa-radius.schema from Interlink. I found it was missing the
EQUALITY statements, so phpLDAPadmin couldn't "add" new aaaReply items
once the first one was added. Via import and adding a user all at once was
not a problem.

I modified the iaaa-radius.schema file, found the aaaReply attribute and
added the lines "EQUALITY caseIgnoreMatch" and "SUBSTR

I went into phpLDAPadmin, created a new aaaPerson with one initial
aaaReply attribute, then added a second aaaReply value without problem. To
date all is good.

I went to a user which already exists, which already has three aaaReply
attributes/values, and tried to add a new aaaReply value - at which point
it would seem that slapd either crashed or shutdown. I turned on logging
and couldn't see anything really abnormal... nor did I find any core dump

Any ideas if this is a bug or possibly just some kind of internal
consistency check on records created before the Schema was modified?

Thank you,