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Re: (ITS#4849) LDAP URL not recognized with bind9

Please keep replies on the Issue Tracking System (ITS) list, otherwise 
you'll defeat its purpose of tracking issues.

Cyril COUPEL wrote:
> I agree with this information.
> The fact is the ldapURL is not used as it, the key %zone% (or %client%) is
> replaced with the ns domain (the client name).
> It was working well since I upgrade to 2.3.30-r2.
> I tried to downgrade to a previous version of openldap and it was working
> again, so it is a openldap problem.

I see the fact that earlier versions of OpenLDAP were not compliant with 
standard track documents as a good reason to improve it by making it 
compliant, rather than a reason to keep it broken.

The client is broken since it appears to parse the URL __before__ 
replacing portions of it that are marked using a character that is 
invalid in URLs.  Either that client implements and uses its own broken 
URL parsing routines (at the risk of parsing broken URLs incorrectly, 
since they contain invalid characters), or it does URL parsing __after__ 
string replacement (i.e. after their string has been turned into a valid 

I don't see why OpenLDAP should break (or, in this case, remain broken) 
to maintain compatibility with a poorly implemented client.


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