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Re: (ITS#4844) Missing 2.4 man pages and things marked as "Experimental"

ghenry@suretecsystems.com wrote:

> Just a quick to note that there are some overlays missing from slapd.overlays.5
> in 2.4.4alpha and actual man pages.

Please enumerate them; some are intentionally not present because they
are not intended for real use.

> Also, relay and rwm are still marked as experimental in some places.

> grep experimental doc/man/man5/*
> doc/man/man5/slapd-relay.5:This backend and the above mentioned overlay are
> experimental.
> doc/man/man5/slapo-rwm.5:This overlay is experimental.
> I'll help where I can,

Sure.  I believe they are no longer experimental, but they still do not
support back-config, so better wait until they're complete.


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