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Re: (ITS#4829) slapd-config should create olcDbDirectory

<quote who="hyc@symas.com">
> ghenry@suretecsystems.com wrote:
>> In another step towards 100% remote admin/config, could we store
>> StartTLS
>> certs in the directory for slapd usage, replacing the need for:
>> TLS* config path hardcoding.?
> One step at a time...

Sure, I just wanted to have this wish recorded somewhere ;-)

> Ordinarily I would store certs in an entry with the
> same DN as the cert. This would mean creating a directory entry for your
> server name, as well as directory entries for any client certs you wanted
> to
> use. That's probably not the ideal way to go here.
> We could store the certs directly, in attributes under cn=config. We could
> also just store DNs in the config attributes, pointing to certs in some
> other
> database entries.


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